The universe is responding to who you believe you are.

Okay, so, don’t laugh. Or, better yet, go ahead and laugh.

I am currently “mesmerized” by my weight scale. So, this morning, I weighed in at exactly 169.0. And I knew that if I just waited a few hours I could hit 168 pounds. So, at 10:00am, I did not want to get dressed – adds pounds. Did not want to eat. Not hungry yet anyway. Weighed in at 169.0. Now, my “Brilliant Idea”. Don’t drink a sip of water. Go potty. Yep! I officially weigh 168.4 pounds! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yea, Yea, I know that in about twenty minutes – when I eat my potatoes, that goes back up – but, this is just such a fun game. Watching the pounds come off, right in front of my eyes, is the coolest trick ever. Was beginning to think that I would never see this day come. I almost feel like this is a “party trick.” Really, I don’t have to write about this. No one would ever know. But, I am a simple girl. And this just tickles the heck out of me. If you knew how much I think about being fat all the time, you would know what a big deal this really is. In fact, what in the world will I have to think about, when I’m not fat any more. Probably, just counting my blessings every day. My favorite thing to do!

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