The way to do is to be.

Handyman Chuck showed up this afternoon and started, got a few things accomplished, and as usual, did not finish, and says he will be back tomorrow afternoon. Honestly, these are all such quick jobs, but I just cannot get him to put in the time. An hour or two, and off he goes again. Exhausting. Why don’t I just say “Good to see you”, goodbye. I will never learn.

The good news is, several people came by to see the unit. So my new property management must have the unit listed online. So, hopefully, the unit will get rented soon. Although, no one today, really seemed very interested. So, we will see how it goes.

Had my hair colored and cut at Shear Madness today. While I was there, Bev was there getting her hair done; and Gidget was there getting her nails done. They were separate, and both from our Friday Night Gang. So we had a nice gabfest.

Went to Skipper and Cheri’s tonight. But I did not have Popeye’s chicken with them. I am still eating my Potato Hack. I have 75 pounds to lose. Can I do it? That is a big chore. But – if I could lose it, then just eat mostly healthy and stay at a healthy weight, it would definitely be to my benefit. One day at a time. I do believe potatoes are going to be a big part of my weight loss, now and into the future. If I were to lose one pound each week, it would take me well over one year to lose 75 pounds. Seems like forever, but I still would like to do it. I always think of myself as a thin person, and am always shocked to see that fat chick in the mirror. lol I’m pretty “in the zone” and feel confident I am going to make it this time. All Hail Potatoes!

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