The world wouldn’t be the same without you.

I am So Happy!  I have been LOVING my new Weighted Blanket by Mosaics.  Guess how much time it logged that I slept last night.  7 1/2 Hours!!!!!!   This blanket is the miracle that I have been looking for!

This morning, dad and I are going to the new Tom Hanks movie, Saving Mr. Banks, about Walt Disney and the author of Mary Poppins.

Dad’s cousin, Louie Pandolfo, (age 88, called today.  He just heard about Auntie Isabel dying from the Catholic Voice magazine.  Says he is on CPAP for congestive heart.  He said that cousin Rosanna Candelario, also age 88, is at Pleasanton Convalescent Hospital because she is having trouble balancing and having memory problems.

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