There is always a way.

Slow start this morning.

Good finish this afternoon.

Actually became productive late today.

Coincidentally, that is when the sun got serious.


My little Southwest Florida Bald Eagle, E-9 – 10 weeks old – fell out of his nest this morning.

Not sure what is going to happen.

Very suspenseful.

The mom and dad eagles – Harriet and M-15 – know, but guess they can’t help.

E-9 has only learned to jump and fly to a branch.

Not able to fly high, up back into the safety of the nest.

I thought maybe mom could grab him with her feet and carry E-9 back to the nest.

But doesn’t seem to be.

They brought E-9 fish to eat on the ground.

E-9 is very vulnerable on the ground.

Also, waiting for April the Giraffe in New York’s Animal Adventure Park to give birth.

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