There is always, always something to be grateful for.

Enjoyed A Course In Miracles yesterday morning. Later Skipper, Cheri and I enjoyed a nice
Valentine’s Day lunch at Denny’s. Have I mentioned that Denny’s is Skipper’s Number One Favorite restaurant to eat. If he had his choice, that would be the Only place to go eat. lol This is a really nice one. Great food. Great service. etc. Always lots of fun and really delicious.
Although, yesterday we had chocolate milk shakes, shish-ka-bob, pecan pancakes.
And Today, Cheri and I start our on-line Weight Watchers.
It is tough. Just so much good food every single day. I am still at 190. Even with all the Nutrisystem that I have been eating. Because then we go out and eat all this great food.
Don’t seem to really get credit for the good eating. Only added calories for the Fun Eating.
Well, here we go. Day One – Again!

Tonight went out to dinner to Los Domingos with Skipper and Cheri and Cheri’s co-worker Lori and her parents. Turns out her mom, Linda, Loves quilting – like Cheri; and she and her husband Larry full-time RV. So, we all had lots of talk about and had a really good time. We even knew some of the same people and places from RVing.

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