There is always something positive you can do.

12:30am  There is always something new to learn.  I ordered the ebook by Andrew Perlot “Raw Food Weight Loss & Vitality” tonight and printed it out.   It is a long book of 318 pages.  I always print at 4 pages per page so I used 80 pages.  There is also the option of having this book downloaded to my Kindle App on my Android cell phone.  Naturally, I have spent a good four hours going in circles, and still have no idea what I am doing.  lol  Story of my life.  I have emailed the author requesting help, but lets be honest – I doubt that he will be able to help me.  I’m pretty exhausted right now, so either I will try again tomorrow, or just forget about this.  I really thought this would be easier.  I’ve tried Google, YouTube videos.  I’ve had so many pop-ups, but I’m definitely not any closer to understanding the steps.  I’m spoiled by downloading directly from Amazon.  Good Night.

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