There is greatness in you.

Went to thrift store this morning and bought three pairs of pants that I “want” to fit into.  The good news is today the scale read 190 pounds.  Yeah!  Now I am heading directly to 185.  Went to Dr. Tsao this afternoon.  When I told him that this stuff has been in my chest for several years – a chronic condition – he explained that is why it is taking so long to treat.  Long-term chronic conditions take longer to heal, than short-term acute conditions.  So, I had my acupuncture and brought home more herbs and boiled them to drink two cups a day.  Not sure how long I need to stay on this regimen, but I am determined to heal this stuff in my chest.  The good part is he is also working to heal my nasal congestion and allergies.  So that is pretty exciting.  Met dad and Eleanor at her house.  Bill Mack and Sadie were there too.  Comcast came and gave her a new box and got her all set up again.  KPIX5 Consumer Watch called her back this morning and assured her that they would help her.  I am going to write the email with all the details for her.  Then I went swimming and to the Jacuzzi and came home and boiled my herbs.  Bill Mack came over with his electric nail gun and fixed all of our loose moldings and things in the house.  He also brought us Cinnamon Raisin bagels and peach cobbler.

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