There is room at the top for you.

Went to my follow-up appointment this morning with Dr. Bindi. My eyes are healing and looking well. Starting today, I can go swimming again. Yeaaaaaa! Spent the last five hours getting a paper printed and faxed. Success! See how easy that was? Actually, I also got my laundry done this morning at Ducky’s Wash and Dry. Just called Kaiser Oregon. Guess they found blood in my stool sample. Scheduled a pre-procedure for Wednesday July 23rd. I’ll get to enjoy camping and exploring Oregon first. Just going to relax and enjoy myself. Eye doctor says my eyes may continue to improve. (That’s what he said last time too). Just going to buy progressive glasses and be happy.

Saw two good movies – The Fault in our Stars and Jersy Boys, directed by Clint Eastwood.

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