There’s always a reason to give thanks.

I am so happy that I went to Costco this morning and had an eye exam and ordered a pair of glasses.  Even though my eyes are still  changing from the Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery, it will be so nice to see again.  Costco says that if my vision changes in the next 90 days – which it will – I can come back and get new glasses for free.  Though I will probably get better frames at that time.  Tried Jollibee chicken today.  Yuck!  So much dust in the house where we moved old furniture, so vacuumed the whole house.  Too much dust.  Still have a lot of water in dining room from the dishwasher.  Used up all the towels again, trying to soak it up.  So, did another load of laundry.  Took care of a bunch of liitle projects.  Very tired.  Happy to go to sleep.

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