Think of all the beauty around you and be happy.

Went to the bank and took care of more business today.

While I was there, April, who was helping me, was loving on my Lavender Essential Oil that I was wearing.

Really, I have just been nursing my ear – which, coincidentally, is feeling So Much better since I have been using my Young Living Essential Oils!

April gave me her personal email address to send her information about Young Living.

Now, I have Zero Idea on what to email to her.


I love these oils so much.

But, have no idea how to express correctly to help someone else.

She explained to me several reasons why she personally could use these healing oils.

How can I have learned so much recently, and yet, feel like I don’t know how to communicate this to someone else.

Need to settle down and think about this.

Better yet.

Think I’ll go take care of some errands around town.

The winds have calmed down.

Beautiful day.

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