Think whatever truly makes you happy to think.

This morning we made bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Dad and Bill went out around the park and delivered the Couriers.  Carol Mack called to let us know that Frank Mendes is in San Leandro Hospital and that his body is shutting down and he has refused to have dialysis.  Also that Marilyn Filarski has died.  Oh yeah, and today’s paper shows that Jack Bollinger (Jack and Eleanor) has died.  He was one week younger than dad.  We use to play cards every week with them and Auntie Dorothy and Nat.  They are having services at St. Felicitas Monday.  Good news.  Monday, Kaiser is delivering a walker for dad.  Dad has two walkers already, we were just curious if Kaiser would give him a third.  Because dad is now down to 5’2″ from 5’11” – she said they are bringing the Junior Walker.  Right now we have one for inside, and one for outside.  Have to see this new one to see what we will do with it.  This afternoon, Bill Mack took dad over to his father-in-laws house and let dad try his “lift” recliner chair.  Jim has gone to live at Gateway and they are giving his trailer to Georgian Manor Mobile Home Park, and dad likes the chair, so they are giving dad the chair.  Dad struggles to get out of his recliner, so this is going to be really nice.  This has been a really relaxing, calm, happy Saturday.

7:30pm  Well, Carol just called again.  Laverne’s (Giovanni and Laverne) sister Gerri has died.  Gerri and Laverne’s twin sister always come to all the clubhouse dinners and events.  And dad and I would often join the sisters, once a month on Saturdays, for live music at Georgian Manor Mobile Home Park, around the corner from our park.  Laverne’s sisters are always so much.

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