Think you can – and you will!

Such Exciting News!  Remember my Epi-Retinal Membrane, Macular Pucker, the eye problem I had that is like a scar or a wrinkle or a pucker on the retina.  I have been going to acupuncture every week, and doing my eye exercises every day.  When I would read, all the words looks like they had water spots and eraser marks and I just Could Not read with my left eye.  Every single day I check my reading.  This week, I can actually read with my left eye – which I have Not been able to do.  The lines are still a little bit wavy, but I can actually see every single word, and every single letter.  A little bit fuzzy, but not all those missing spots and missing letters.  Sure hope this continues to improve and stays improved.  I am feeling so hopeful.  On the computer, I am still having some of the water spots and eraser marks, but even that is getting better.  Distance, like reading road signs, still needs to improve – can’t read them at all with my left eye, and the computer is still a problem, but, hoping that will improve also.  Feeling very hopeful.

Uncle Joe is coming over this morning, and we are all going to Alameda to visit Louise Russo and see her Christmas tree.  Had a wonderful day with Louise.  She made delicious sandwiches and we had so much fun.  She suggested we all get together every 4  to 6 weeks.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

Tonight, went to Line Dancing.  Nice, full day.


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