Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

11:00pm Arrived back at Tammie’s. This morning at Nan’s Lake House, we had a delicious breakfast with eggs, sausage, watermelon and other fruits. Good start for a very busy day. We toured Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home. So much to see and do. Definitely want to go back and spend more time there. Will also read more about him now also. Then we went to Donald Trump’s Winery for wine tasting. Followed by more wine tasting at the Veritas Winery. We traveled around a lot today also and saw so many beautiful Virginia backroads. I could do that endlessly. Everything is so breathtakingly beautiful. Lush, dense forests everywhere. We went on the the small, winding backroads that I love so much. In the evening we went to Blue Mountain Brewery and ate outside and had burgers and pizza. Again, more great food. Stopped back at the Lake House and then drove back to Tammie’s. Perfect Day.

While we were up in Charlottesville – having absolutely Perfect weather – back in Yorktown – they had a big rain storm. So happy to be in good weather. Not too hot. Not cold So Happy!

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