Thyme fights congestion!  All stuffed up?  Time for healing thyme tea!  It’s volatile oils thin mucous, reduce inflammation and expel phlegm, so you breathe easy again.  Plus, the herb has antimicrobial properties that kill germs in the throat!

Enjoy it by:  Adding 1 tsp. dried thyme to 1 cup boiling water, cover and steep 10 minutes; add fresh lemon and sweeten to taste.

Uncle Joe spent the night last night and we all got up early and left at 8:00am and went to the VFW, Veterans of Foreign War in Oakland on Clay Street.  They helped with a lot of paperwork, and a claim form, and Aid and Attendance form to take to Dr. Yu at Veterans in Livermore on the 27th.  We took the backroads home and enjoyed all the sights of Oakland.  Had lunch at Burger King.  Had a really great day.  Uncle Joe was very happy.  Called him about two hours after he had left us and went back home.  To an empty apartment.  He was crying.  My heart is breaking.  Tommy should be going there sometime later this evening.  We will go tomorrow morning.  So overwhelming.

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