Time heals almost everything. Sometimes all you need is time.

Eat. Eat. Eat. I am miserably full. Got up at 2:00am. Met Tommy at Shari’s for breakfast at 3:00am. Went to Tom’s at 6:00 and Pleasanton at 7:00. Waited for the movers until 11:00. When they finally got there they were really fast and they had Uncle Joe’s apartment empty by 12:15. We went to the office and did paperwork. Took both cars and the rest of Tommy”s stuff back to his place. Back to Shari’s for lunch. Then to the book store and Rasputins. We both bought more CD’s. Then to Mountain Mike’s for pizza. I rolled back into the van. Why did we eat so much? I don’t like to feel like this. But otherwise we really had a good day.

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