Today can be even better than yesterday.

Time just traveling too fast. Have computers hooked up at Skipper and Cheri’s. Nice to have internet connection. These are the small things that you miss while traveling on the road. Love being able and just type on the computer. Skipper and I had a great lunch at Del Taco yesterday. Cheri made amazing broccoli salad and cheese balls. She took half to her pot luck at work today. She is doing well. Working half time and still going for physical therapy. Gets tired easily naturally, but each day getting healthier. Last night Skipper and I watched lots of the old comedians on YouTube videos. George Burns, Jack Benny, George Goble, etc. etc. Lots of fun.

Today we are driving to Victorville to Lenscrafters. I am finally going to order my progressive glasses so that I can see.

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