Today is filled with so many good things!

Wow, these days are so busy! Skipper and I have been running full speed for several days and not finished yet. My van did get winterized but they cannot fix my back-up camera, so I have an appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully, the new place can help repair the camera. Tried all day to contact the gas company. Went there twice. Can’t do it in person. Called the telephone number they gave us. They wouldn’t allow a phone call. Sent to website. Website would not allow access. FRUSTRATED!!! Going to try to get gas turned on to the duplex again tomorrow. Went to Time-Warner and ordered cable tv and internet. Will come out Wednesday. Went to Best Buy and bought a television set. Finally, ended up at Rent-A-Center and rented a recline chair for a month while waiting for bed to arrive. Also, completed several other steps and several steps more to complete. Skipper has been so amazing in helping me with absolutely everything.

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