Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams!

Cashed out my keno tickets this morning. Yes I won! Not as much as I spent, of course, but I won on all three tickets. Pretty cool. Packed up and drove to Newport. Picked up my mail from the UPS fulfillment center. Drove to Florence, Oregon to the Three Rivers Casino. Drove through Yachats. That was always dad’s very favorite town. It is right on the ocean. Very beautiful. Usually, cold, wet and windy. Just the way he likes it. Right now the wind is rocking my van. Not crazy about wind.

Finally, received my Activation Card for my Timeshare. Which means, I can finally use it! Yea. Also, getting an additional cruise for 2, and 2 7-night stays. The next year or two, I plan to use all of these benefits, which means I will do some traveling. Have a few other things in mind too, so it should be a busy time. Just need to stay Healthy! First, I am waiting for my call back from Kaiser to schedule my breast reduction. Definitely know it is the right thing to do.

Think I will only stay this one night at this casino. Too windy for me. Now I have to decide which direction. Loving it!!!!!!

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