Today will be a peaceful expression of myself.

Enjoying playing Keno. I have won a whopping 90 cents!!!!! Big winner! lol But it’s fun. That’s out of 121 games – at 5 cents a game. haha big spender!!! They have Speed Keno – 100 games in 15 minutes. The other one is 21 games for 25 cents a game. Went down to the ocean this morning. So gorgeous. The waves are amazing. The sand goes on forever. Played in the water and walked along the beach and watched the kids and the dogs and everyone. This is my last day here. Moving on tomorrow.

Have I mentioned, I bought a ticket to see Paul Anka this coming Saturday night. I remember Skipper and I singing “Diana” when we were up at the cabin in Felton. I was probably around five years old.

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