Traveling is an act of faith and optimism.

Getting lots accomplished. Seems like my lists are never-ending. Enjoying the warm weather. And enjoying the air conditioning. When I get to working really intensely, I tend to turn the air conditioner up really high so that it freezes me out. It really helps me be more productive. Then when I rest I tend to like to be all warm and cozy.

Tonight the Friday Night Gang is going to Tom’s Burgers. I’ve only been there once so far, but I really liked it. Said I was going to go back on my own, but never found the time. I can’t believe how busy I am all the time. I do believe there will come a time, when things slow down. But that does not look like it will be for a while longer. That’s okay. When it does though, I hope to travel again. I may go spend time in Arizona this next winter. We’ll see.

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