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First thing this morning LindaRae and I went to my gym and cancelled my membership.  good news is that I can still use it until March 17th.  Definitely would enjoy using the swimming pool.  Then we swung by the Hayward Medical Supply Store and then the Salvation Army to drop off a huge amount of things from our drawers and shelves.  This is the third large drop off we’ve made.  We stopped over at Holy Angels and talked to Juan.  The death certificates should be ready by Wednesday or Friday and dad’s ashes should be ready next week.  We drove to San Pablo to St. Joseph’s Cemetary and visited mom’s niche.  We brought a picture of mom and dad together and are having it go up on the wall.  Everything takes 6 to 8 weeks.  We came back to Hayward and had a good lunch at Mimi’s Café.  Then to Castro Valley to Holiday Spa and enjoyed TWO-HOUR body and foot massages.  Mmmmmmm…….   Delightful!  Came home.  Good news from Tom Roberts the Real Estate Agent.  Bill Mack’s friend has offered $80,000 cash, but…. not 100% sure he can qualify through the park because of a medical bill, which has now been paid.  Also, another couple with another agent who looked at it yesterday are interested in buying the coach.  Tom Roberts is coming over tomorrow to talk about it and sign papers.  Bill and Carol came over to hear all the news.  Talked to Cheri, Louise Russo, and Uncle Joe.  He had a rough day.  His phone finally got connected at 4:00pm today.  It is been off since Friday.  Today is Monday.  He missed his doctor’s appointment.  They finally got his front door lock repaired.  LindaRae and I had a great dinner across the street at Tacos Uruapan.  Went to the Jacuzzi.  It’s not working again.  So came home, jumped in the shower and ready to rest.  Long, fun, productive day.  Can’t wait to rest.  I am tired.  In a Good Way!

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