Trust your journey.

It’s almost 5:00pm. Cheri had her hospital tests today. They had to put her to sleep to look at her heart. Good news. Her heart is fine. She is in the recovery room and they are going to release her from the hospital tonight.

Happy that they have voted in recreational marijuana in both California and Nevada. Both states will not have it available until January 1, 2018. That is over one year. Seems like they should be able to make it available a little sooner, but guess not.

Ordered a new printer today. Definitely need it for work. Always doing way too much paper work. If I could ever get my paperwork completed, I could get on the road a bit. I am overwhelmed. Over my head. Need to just take baby steps and move forward. Must get through this. So happy to be losing weight. This paperwork is a lot like losing weight. Looking for the magic key to get me where I am going. Will keep going until I figure it out. Seems we always create new challenges for ourselves, doesn’t it?

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