Video – Day 1

Okay, I am going to start including video blogging.  Hopefully, April 1st – No April Fools Joke! is going to be my Day One to getting Healthy and release this weight.  This first video is just to learn to use the video portion, and WOW am I heavy.  Not to worry.  This is a great project and journey.  This will definitely keep me busy.  lol  Okay, cross fingers, I can load this video now.


Hmmm, this is a video, but I think it came out as only a picture.   I don’t see a preview section on this .  Definitely have a learning curve here.  Going to publish and check it.   Okay, that is totally NOT going to work.  Have to try again.  You’d think I’d erase all this, but I want to remember my learning curve.

9:00pm  Dad and I had donuts and coffee this morning at the donut shop in Pleasanton by Raleys, with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Then we rushed home and waited for the Apria Health Care truck to arrive with another walker for dad that Kaiser ordered for him.  This one does not have a seat, but he says that he can walk easier with it and he is really happy with it.

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