Wake up Smile and tell yourself Today is My Day!

Wow – the wind is blowing like Crazy!!!
The guys are here right now, assembling my new massage chair.
Cross fingers they get it right. They seem to be struggling.
Obviously, they don’t do these chairs.
But, they are trying to work as a team, so that is positive.
It does not appear to be the color that I ordered, since I ordered graphite and this is black, but it looks nice, and I am sure that I will be happy with it. It is always something. Can’t sweat the little things.

Going with the Friday night gang to Denny’s out at the truck stop in Lenwood tonight.

Getting lots and lots of paperwork completed today.
Also, completing paperwork for one of my rentals in Michigan.
Let my property management here know that I have decided to keep the garage for myself when this tenant moves out. It is so overcrowded and messed up already. Think I will enjoy using it for my own storage.
Still so much to do.
So overwhelmed. Ready to get back on the road. lol
Ain’t that always the way.
One day at a time.
Certainly never a dull moment.

They are coming to finish my air conditioning Monday morning – 7:00am. Early. But that’s cool.

Nice rainy evening. On the way home from dinner at Denny’s, Skipper, Cheri and I stopped at Foster Freeze and had ice cream. Great Friday night!

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