Walk away from people & situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.

Difficult, but possibly necessary. It is wrong to live a life where you are being degraded for your personal beliefs. Agree to disagree. Yes. But, feeling this badly. Don’t want to. Happens too often. Be honest. You can’t change others. Only yourself. If I continue allowing myself to be hurt, for being myself, then it is just healthier to disconnect. Which I really don’t want to. But, there have been too many instances, which I do not post, because I want to be positive. But, each time, it cuts deeper. I had the conversation, over and over, with dad. And it never solved the problem. Screamed at every single day. Promised myself, never to be treated that way again. Sadly, this is my brother. But, if this is the way he feels about me, I have to accept it. And move on. It’s sad that it hurts this much, but I don’t want to get back on this ride. I need to love him from afar. He is a really good person. But, I do not bring out the best in him. It is my problem, to deal with myself. I have to accept that I am really alone. That I can make a good life for myself. I know that he would be there for me if I really needed him. But, the day-to-day is just too difficult for him. I am sticking around right now, trying to tie up the loose ends on the duplex, and the Michigan properties. If I could finish these up, I could get on the road, and go live a little adventure. Maybe I should go for a few days, just for a change of scenery. But, I know, if I leave now, I will be needed right back here right now. Let me think about it.

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