We added dad to Facebook today!

Cheri and I added dad to Facebook today.  Pretty exciting.  It is totally different on his Tablet, but it is really cool.

11:00pm  Dad has 37 Facebook Friends!

Today we had the cousins Family Lunch at Don Jose’s in Castro Valley. There were 22 of us.  Dad and I, Skipper, Cheri, Kenny, Lisa, Debbie, Deaunn, Jim, Carlotta, Al, Lyn, Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, Tommy, Bobby, James, Gordon, Nicholas, his wife, son Jonah, daughter Julia,  

Then we went to Lucca’s Deli to pick up lots of goodies for Skipper and Cheri’s Monday BBQ in Barstow for Labor Day Monday.

Carol Mack came over tonight and we played cards, Hand and Foot.  Lots of Fun!  Great Day!


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