Wear your inner beauty on the outside. Smile!

Hmmm….  morning dad and I had donuts and coffee with Uncle Joe at the donut shop.  We told Uncle Joe to follow us into Niles, around the corner.  We look up, and Uncle Joe has driven out of the opposite exit in the opposite direction.  Finally, all got back together again.  Get to the jewelry store and antique store, and Uncle Joe has left behind the two main items (which were stacked all together) back home.  okaayyyyy.   Later the three of us had a nice lunch at Denny’s in Fremont.  Get home.  Dad didn’t quite make it to the bathroom, and had to take a shower.  These things happen.  I went to the gym and enjoyed the cycles, the treadmill, the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi.  Going to the locker room, I met Mele, an older, also Very Mentally Confused Woman.  Helped her find her way inside.  Had a nice conversation with her.  Everything looked different to her.  She was going to the Jacuzzi.  Long story short, I went ahead of her.  She Never found her way to the Jacuzzi.  I finally saw she had gotten dressed again, and she waited by the front door for about an hour for her ride.  Get a call from dad.  It is 7:30pm.  He is nervous and alone and doesn’t like me being out of the park.  I have spent the entire day with him, and  hmmmm…….   I continue to try and be patient, but, each day is a trial.

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