What inspired you today? What challenged you today? What touched you today? What surprised you today?

Had my hour-long one-on-one telephone meeting with Craig on posting to Craigslist – (no relation) lol.
By the time Alvin showed up with Brian to check on my wall, he knocked on the door, and I didn’t hear him. I had fallen asleep. Fortunately, he called. Brian will come back Wednesday with the big machine and finish the dry-walling. And Thursday, Aaron will come back to paint and do the finishing work.
They came and worked on the rental next door. Hopefully, they will be able to rent it soon. No word from Jose. He is either waiting for next week for the warmer weather, or for the rock-delivery guy. But, I haven’t heard from him in a week. Also the large bench and door are still in the yard at the rental, and the garage has not been cleared out. Not sure. Looks like they are leaving lots of paint cans. Doesn’t matter right now, since Jose has his cement machine parked in the middle of the garage, and his truck is still on my front yard, and the two garbage cans that the trash company won’t pick up are still full. Yep, still playing the waiting game. Oh, and my yard is still all tore up, with piles of bricks and sand in the driveway, and retaining wall not complete, and lots more to do. But when the crew of four does show up, things should move swiftly.

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