What is the BEST that could happen?

So glad that I got up early and drove back to Salem. It was nice and dry and no traffic this Sunday morning. Now it has started to pour down rain. I had bought steak and a knife and lots of spices. Decided this morning I was going to try and cook.
Bad Idea! Everything went wrong and I even put the hot pan on my bread board and melted it. Threw every out.
I do NOT want to cook. Took much anxiety.
Perfect timing. I was all upset and crying and Guess What!
I received the Perfect Face Time call from
Brendon, Tacy and Olivia in Germany!
Yes – I was so Happy there are no words for it.
We had the best visit and now I don’t have to cook any more and hopefully sometime in the future I will get to visit all of them in Germany.

Went to the movies and saw Burnt with Bradley Cooper.
Then I saw Crises with Sandra Bullock.

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