What matters to you matters, too!

Dad and I went to Pleasanton to Uncle Joe’s today and helped him with more paperwork, more phone calls, took him to Bank of America to get more papers straightened out, went through Auntie Isabel’s jewelry that we are going to take to Niles antique stores tomorrow and then we all went for donuts and coffee.  I am thoroughly exhausted.  Uncle Joe’s mental confusion is rising rapidly, and scarily, so is dads.  I hope this was just ‘one of those days’ because – well, I just don’t have words for it right now.  I yearn for a little normalcy.  Tonight, dad and I visited with Eleanor and Luie again.  So much fun.  Then I went to the Jacuzzi.  Should I take a Xanax tonight?  I think it would be in my best interest.  Dad and I are going to spend the night with Uncle Joe tomorrow night and take him to the Veterans doctor Wednesday morning.  I am  honestly exhausted just thinking about it.  But, I am sure that it will all work out good.  Hopefully, this is one of the steps to help Uncle Joe go live at the Veterans.  If dad doesn’t start acting normal soon, we may need to start checking into for him.  Maybe he is just having ‘sympathy confusion’.  At Walmart yesterday, we were separated by ‘one’ grocery aisle for about ten seconds, and I found him crying ‘don’t leave me alone’.  I am trying so hard, but this is really hard.  One day at a time.  Tomorrow will be better.  (Well, maybe not tomorrow).  lol  Laugh or cry – I’ve got to let it out.  Should I be writing the great American comedy or the great American tragedy?  Life is both.  Do I take all of this seriously, or do I lighten up?  Hmmmmm……   If given a choice, I would rather lighten up.  This stuff is too serious for me.  It actually does make me feel better to write about it a little.

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