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Have been driving since 7:00am. It is now 1:30pm. Though I have stopped about a dozen times. I love this van, but it is not really comfortable to drive. I am very tired. Nap time. Of course, I am a napper, so I guess we’re right on schedule. lol I checked my Verizon bill. $236. Doesn’t that seem impossible expensive for just one person. I need to check and see what is costing so much. I need to be connected, but that really is outrageous. If there were four of us, it might justify, but this feels like highway robbery. Too tired to check now. I’ll check later. My handyman just texted me. Good timing. How’d he know that I just pulled over.

Just checked. Looks like the distance I have traveled should be almost 7 hours – took me 12 1/2 hours. Between driving too slow, and stopping a lot, it just takes me longer. Weather has been nice. I have stopped at a rest area for the night. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Cinnamon texted that Ruthie has kidnapped Vince. lol Who knows!

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