When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

How did yesterday get away from me? I had been up all night, busy as a bee. Skipper surprised me by showing up at my door – ready to go for our walk. Such a beautiful day. So glad that we went. Late yesterday afternoon, I finally got over to Shear Madness and Brandi cut and colored my hair.
I was so tired when I came home, I just fell into a deep sleep. Oh, I did call Handyman Raymond, and he says he will be here today to finish. We will see. I sure would like if he would just keep his word this one time and come and finish. I do get tired of the lies.

Oh, and good news. Skipper and Cheri say they can see my weight loss, the most, right in my chest. Where it is exactly where I would like to lose the most. So, I am really happy. Hope it continues. Then, I could be much happier in this body. Cause this large chest does cause me a lot of upper back pain. I still have the upper back pain, so I want more to reduce as quickly as possible. Also, Marie Osmond, is talking about how flat her stomach is, now that she has lost all of her weight. How I would Love to have my flat stomach back. I actually remember how much I enjoyed that. And I had a really flat stomach until I was 40. So, I really believe, if I can lose enough weight, that I can have my flat stomach back. That’s pretty exciting.

Handyman Raymond showed up after 1:00pm. Worked for an hour. And left. Every time he says he is almost finished and will finish – and never does. Honestly, I just don’t understand. This just continues.

Both of my artificial trees were knocked over and laying on my front porch. There was no wind today, so I don’t know if the workers did it, or what happened. Definitely, need to get the trees in deeper and with more rocks built up higher.

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