When you let your dreams do the driving, you’re on your way!

Wow – we showed up back in Barstow just in time for the High Winds. Our weather was mid 80’s and perfect in Laughlin. It is garbage can day, and I am getting blown down the street. lol Quite exciting.
Today we have our Starlight Wish meeting at 11:00am. I’m sure when I step outside, the wind will gladly just blow me to their front door over at the Senior Center. If it were not so windy, it is actually walking distance. I would probably be safer walking there, than driving my van. The wind loves to push my van all over the road. Driving the Ford Taurus to Laughlin was such a pleasure. And Laughlin only has about 6,000 people. Driving there was so easy and so much fun! And the Taurus really drives great.

Good Starlight Wish meeting today. Planning ice cream social in July; bowling fundraiser; spaghetti dinner, etc. Went out to lunch to Denny’s with Anna and Peggy and then to the storage unit, the mobile home park, Dollar General, etc.

Cheri fell down at work and hurt her foot. It is really black and blue. We brought Popeye’s chicken and ate at Skipper and Cheri’s. My ear muffs are working really good. It is not cold. It is just high winds. I am told this is nothing. Only 26mph. Say we have high winds for the next several months, that will be 50mph and higher. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kat had spinal surgery today for a bulging/exposed disc. She is staying at Devin’s since her house flooded. She is doing well. Sent her See’s candy. Hoping her day becomes sweeter. Sounds like she is only going to be off work for a couple of days.

Happy to be home and snuggled in my cozy bed. I didn’t realize that Barstow has so much weather. Who knew?!? lol

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