When you put hope in charge, good things happen!

What a relaxing week.  Dad and Bill went to exercise this morning and then off for hot dogs and a drive.  I enjoyed staying home all day long.  Started off emotional for absolutely no reason.  Took a bit of Xanax and calmed and brightened.  Kicked back and watched T.V.  Went to Comcast On Demand and watched the Cowsills Documentary, Margaret Cho’s Dependent Stand-up Comedy; and a Chris Rock interview with David Steinberg.  Dragged my mini-trampoline rebounder into my room.  It takes up the entire floor space, but Maybe! I might actually use it here in my room.  We shall see.  We ate more of the delicious spaghetti.  Wow!  Now, I’m happy to just chill and play on computer.  On one of my favorite blogs www.Bodeswell.org , which I have been reading daily since they began, shows they have been on the road, traveling the world – currently in beautiful Brazil, in their red, VW campervan, with their now 7-year-old son Bode, for exactly 3 years, 7 months, 15 days.  All of that time, which I have been doing ZERO.  I really am a prisoner.  A well-cared for prisoner, but a prisoner.  I really would like to have my own little RV and just travel.  Well, one day at a time.  Really should just focus on getting healthy.  That is a full time job right there.  For today, I will enjoy being spoiled, and relax.  I do that well!

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