When you say yes, the universe helps you.

Must have fallen into a deep sleep between 5pm and 9pm last night.

Then Wide Awake All Night.

Got so much accomplished.

Moved book cases and furniture.

Planted mini tomatoes in indoor Aerogarden.

AND worked and worked and worked on paperwork.

This morning I spent three hours on the telephone to Michigan.

And made zero headway.

Sometimes it’s like that.

I have gotten quite a bit accomplished and see some daylight.

Loving it.

Would love to keep my head this alert all the time.

It’s more like occasional bursts these days.

Is it aging?

Or is it detoxing while I am taking these Chinese teas?

So far, I do not feel any improvement.

Still hopeful.

Oh yeah.

And still spending most of my time learning about Young Living and Essential Oils.


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