Where intention goes, energy flows.

Leaving Crown Point RV Park today. Going to the Portland RV and Van Show. Don’t know if Roadtrek will be there, but would love to see the new ones with EcoTrek and VoltTrek. Makes Boondocking easy all year long. Wouldn’t mind renting out my van and having one of the new ones. Probably not going to happen, but fun to dream. Yes, it is raining. I’ve really enjoyed these two days, and looking forward to moving on now. Have been going through the MacBook Magazine that I bought at CostCo a while back. Either I don’t know what I’m doing (obviously) – or something is not right. Many of the functions don’t seem to be working. Want to stop by the Mac Store and get help. So much can be done with this laptop that I’m not able to take advantage of until we figure this out.

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