Wherever your journey begins, it can end with success.

I have been crying for days now.  Just keeps coming.  I don’t like grief.  It makes me too sad.  I want to feel happier.  Can’t wait.  Guess this is natural, but I do prefer not crying every other opportunity.  I’ve got things to do.  Got a lot of errands done today.  Did take a nice walk around Lake Elizabeth, though I did not choose to go barefoot today.  Then took a short walk around our park.  Should go to the Jacuzzi later tonight.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous for walking.  Have a lot on my mind.  Need to meditate and clear my mind.  I need my mind to relax now.  Then I can think clearer.

6:45pm  Hey, good timing!  I just heard the Best Quote Ever, that I needed to hear Right Now!  An interviewer was interviewing an 80-year-old woman and asked her what words she would like to share.  She said, as her husband was dying she asked, “Moe, how am I ever going to live without you?  And Moe said, “Take the love that you have for me – and spread it around”.  Inspiring words change the world and make it brighter.

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