Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Went to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with Tammie, LindaRae, Jim, Katie, Bonnie, Alannah, McGregor, Maegan and Alyssa. Had such a great day. Went to the Governor’s Mansion, the Capitol, and so many mansions. All with costumes and tours. The whole town is buzzing in costume and tells you stories about living there in the 1600’s. So much to see and do. Certainly, one day did not nearly cover it. The pipers, the guns on the fields, the marching, the cobblers, seamstresses. Cannot even begin to cover all the history we learned. Had a great lunch at the Tavern. Of course, got caramel apples at the Candy Shoppe. Always have so much fun with this gang. They are headed to Washington, D.C. tomorrow. Tonight we watched three more – that makes seven – episodes of thirteen of Grace and Frankie.

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