With a sense of purpose there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

Went to Kaiser this morning and met with the covering physician. Was also assigned a permanent physician. We did the lab tests, X-rays, etc. and referral to the different specialists. So we shall see how long it takes to start receiving phones calls to schedule appointments with the different doctors int the different departments. She said, “You do have our number in case no one calls you, right?” Not exactly a confidence builder. Took almost two hours to find the “Processing” building and then they kept trying incorrect fax numbers to request my records from California. I’m sure it will all work out, just seems no one really knew anything. Mostly I am hoping we can begin the process for a breast reduction. At best, this should take a few months. We’ll see how it goes. Since there may be several different departments that I’ll need to have appointments with, I don’t really want to stray too far but –
the one guy was talking about how he was looking forward to the rain returning. NOT ME!! I want sunshine. So I am going to take this one day at time. Think this might be the time to try my first cruise. Or long train ride. Or something. Or if it starts raining, my first visit to Hawaii.

This afternoon I have an appointment with my dentist. Going to have an “onlay”. Kind of like a crown, but not quite. Come back tomorrow to finish it. Supposed to be hot this week Like 100 degrees.

Haven’t even finished bitching and already received phone calls from Kaiser and scheduled two appointments with Pulmonologist and Breathing and Breathing equipment. Also received emails that blood work results and completed. And appointment with plastic surgeon for breast reduction will be within two weeks. ……. Like I always say – Kaiser is great. hahahaaaa Looks like everything is going to turn out okay. Yeaaaaaaaaaa

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