With each rising sun ask, “What will I make of this new day?”

This is such a beautiful season. I went out for a walk at 6:00am again this morning. The weather is warm and beautiful. The sidewalks and streets are quiet. The sun is just starting to peak through. I love this time of day. So peaceful and relaxing.

Another day. Another potato breakthrough. So excited. 172 pounds this morning. I really can’t believe this is real. I Googled obese for a 5’1″ woman. 154 pounds. So, I know that I have a long way to go to be at a healthy weight. But, I feel confident I have found my way. I strongly believe that by this time next year, I will be at my healthy weight. It may not be all the way, but it sure surely, hopefully, be “in the range”. What if I could get back to wearing a size ‘small’ top. If that ever happens, I will know that I have made it. I use to always wear a size 8 – big hips – so if I could ever get back to a size 8, again I will feel very satisfied. I’m currently in a size 16, which definitely better than the 18/20’s I’ve been wearing. Just trying to look at the positive side of this. Also, to write it down, so I can remember that I really have made positive progress. Each day, we just try and do the best we can.

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