With you in charge, people are in good hands!

This morning dad and I are going to the movies and see “Playing for Keeps”.  Hmmmm….  can you believe my camera is not working.  Tried to transfer the pictures from yesterday’s Cousins Family Lunch….  not working!  I need a camera.  I need a still camera and a video camera.  One clever thing I did last night was scan the DMV written tests that Auntie Isabel let me borrow to study with – into my computer.  They are sooooooooooo much more helpful than the DMV book for studying to take the test.  So, even if it is another ten years before I need to take the written test – I am Prepared!  Yea!  Peace of Mind. 

Can’t seem to write underneath the photo.  Anyway, Great Football Day.  Both the Raiders and the 49ers had a great day and both teams won today!  Two Exciting Games!

Yea… got my camera working again.  Fun Family Lunch picture.

 Debbie Moniz, Linda Magorno, Kim Silay



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