Today I purchased and downloaded Wu’s Eye Qi Gong.  These are seven videos with eye exercises to help with the health of the eyes.  As I have just been diagnosed with ERM – Epi-Retinal Membrane or Cellophane Maculopathy, my eyes are of great concern to me.  I am having a lot of trouble seeing.  The trouble is in my left eye.  When I am reading, there are a lot of “smudged” spots and everything is wavy.  My regular (not reading) vision is a bit blurred, wavy, and focusing is a problem; and I am especially struggling with driving.  Even just regular vision, I am seeing a lot of blurring.  No clear or crisp at all.  Emotionally, I am very upset and concerned that I am not going to be able to drive.  Which, specifically, means all these years of dreaming, while taking care of dad, of one day having a small RV and traveling and seeing all 50 states, and even 100 countries, will never happen, because I cannot see, or drive and cannot focus and have headaches.  That I will spend all of my life, as I have spent all these years – alone, in a room – with no vision to see or ability to focus.  Also, I am still experiencing an on-going headache.  I am writing these notes down here and now, and after working with these exercises for a few months, I can refer back to these notes and compare how my vision is doing and how my emotions are feeling.

Reading online I see the correct verbiage is:  “blurry and distorted” central vision.

Bill and his son Kevin had brought over a life-size statue of a beautiful, very life-like dog to dad and I a couple of days ago.  But, all dad and I could do was cry and achingly miss our little Luigi, so thankfully, we were able to give the statue dog back to Bill.  He was very understanding.

I went to Walmart this morning, and dad and I went to Lucky’s this afternoon.

Tonight I am going to take some pictures I had developed over to Eleanor.  They are cute pictures of Eleanor and Luie.  Then I am going line dancing at the clubhouse.




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