You always have options.

I’m on hold with Kaiser.

Went to the dentist first thing this morning. They took a full spectrum of 3D x-rays. Also, taught me how to use voice with my kindle. Fabulous! Brought my sleep apnea records in.
Apparently, I have Severe sleep apnea. The dental splint might help some – that’s why we took x-rays first – but looks like I
Definitely must use a CPAP. Guess I’m waking up 70 times an hour and not breathing for nine seconds each time. No wonder I am so tired all of the time. I go back in tomorrow.

So, I drove back to Kaiser and after many, many run-arounds to different departments, met with someone and gave them my paperwork. Now we are playing phone-tag – I can’t get my phone to ring – as usual – .

Decided I needed to relax and went for a massage. That was a
Good Idea!

Then went and had my haircut. She did a nice job.

Ate at Kaiser cafeteria.

Going to Fathom Events tonight and see a live opera. Will I love it or will it be torture?? lol I’m a little scared. lol

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