You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.

This morning, Handyman Raymond is supposed to come back and continue working on the doors. It is never-ending, isn’t it?

Yes, he arrived with such exciting news. He has started eating all potatoes and is so excited with his results, his daughter and brother are going to start. He has diabetes, and his feet are always numb. He can Feel his Feet! And his blood count was 200, and now it is 100. Ecstatic is not a big enough word. This is Life Changing! I am so Happy for him.

Potatoes have been so good to me. I have been enjoying them with mustard the last two days. Brave me. I am allergic to acidic foods, including mustard, and yep…. I broke out. Darn! Was hoping I could skip the allergies, but, they Love Me!

Signed up for an iPhone Photography class online and did the first section today. Even went outside and took pictures and posted one on their Facebook Page. Since I am starting from knowing zero, I love how much I have learned in just one day. Lots of fun.

Also, iPhone updated to iOS 10 and having lots of fun learning the new Effects in Text Messaging.
Just having too much Fun!

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