You are amazing!

Saturday I closed my Comcast internet, tv,  and telephone.  Saturday and Sunday lots of people came anard took away all of the remaining furniture.  Sunday night we had our Family Lunch to say goodbye at Elios Restaurant in San Leandro.   There was Uncle Joe, Tommy,  Deaunn, Jean, Debbie, Lenny, Kim, Edgar, Landon, Annie and Hope.  We had such a great time.  At 2:30am this morning, I started my long drive to Oregon and got here at 4:00pm.  I stopped a lot along the way, and had a really fun day.  Drank two bottles of “5-Hour Energy”.  That stuff really works!  Tonight we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  I had lobster and cheese tortellini.  Delicious.  So happy to be back on-line.

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