You are as amazing as you let yourself be!

About ten seconds before dad left for exercise class this morning, Uncle Joe called, and said that Tommy was not having any luck with Bank of America.  So dad and I drove straight to Uncle Joe’s and took him to the bank and got all of his banking straightened out.  Then the three of us had lunch at McDonald’s.  Then the three of us went and talked to Pam, the Manager.  She said that Tommy would have to be 62 before he could think about moving in.  Tommy will be 60 this Friday, November 1st.  But, it does look good that with the reduced income, when (if) Uncle Joe moves into a one-bedroom, his rent will also be reduced.  Tommy is going to stay with him until Friday.  Came home and took a serious nap in the recliner.  Then went to the Jacuzzi.  I am so exhausted.  Just trying to get a little rest tonight.  But we did accomplish a lot today and that is good.

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