You are capable of amazing things.

Enjoying a quiet holiday weekend. Love avoiding the crowds of people. This morning Handyman Raymond and I are going to drive around town, and get ideas for the stucco texturing. Small, medium, or larger texturing and color. It’s easier to decide looking at whole houses, rather just just a little one or two inch square on a page.

The chart reads that the ideal weight for someone 5’1″ is 105 pounds, and I am currently 185 pounds. That means that I am 80 pounds overweight. That is a whole person. We shall see how things go. One day at a time.

Took all of my extra salsa’s and eggs over to Skipper and Cheri tonight. Since Pace Picante is the clear winner, I might as well share, and keep things simple. They ate at the new restaurant in Lenwood today. It’s called Ogee’s. Cheri did not care for her hamburger. Skipper kind of liked his meal. They may need to give it another go-round.

Not sure which color to choose for exterior of duplex.

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