You are enough.

Got up early. Brought in garbage cans. Still windy this morning. Brought in a bunch of rocks. Might use them. Might not. Just wanted to keep them for now, and will decide later. Yes, I have a big pile of rocks spread out in my living room. lol Yes – it does look a little crazy. And Yes – it is a little crazy – I don’t even know if I am going to use them.

Drove over to Peggy’s and picked up a walker for Cheri to use to get to the bathroom. Those crutches are making her miserable. Skipper and I drove to the Senior Center and picked up a wheelchair for her. She is going to be off work until Monday. She needs to figure out how to be mobile. The transition, with not being able to put any weight on her foot, is challenging at best.

Met with Jose, and have decided to include the back side of the property with rock also. Skipper and I went to Von’s and then Little Caesar’s for delicious pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni cheesy bread. Fabulously Delicious! Also, dealt with several more projects this morning. They always keep adding up. Ugh. hahaha The guys are working hard on the yard. Lots of Mexican singing and blaring their music from their van. Very cheery workers.

Jose put up several window screens that blew off in the high winds yesterday. It is not a cold wind. But they sure are strong winds. I’m not really a wind person.

While we were at the Senior Center, Joyce told us that Patty Duke had just died. I love Patty and said Oh No, I am not over Garry Shandling just dying. And Joyce said Now you can grieve for the both of them at the same time together. Good Plan, but Again – Patty is in her 60’s. Everybody is dying in their 60’s. It is making me a little crazy. Tick Tock Our clocks are all winding down. Should I be spending so much time working on this house, or should I be out living One Day At A Time. I don’t know. I need a Home Base. Though, this is rather a windy Home Base. lol I have so much to do, and I just want to relax. And yet, I want to be productive. And yet, I am tired all the time. And yet, I just want to laugh and play. And yet, I need to make money. And yet, I am interested in so many things. And yet, I want to live in Peace. And yet, I hope that I can be healthier, and perhaps even attain more health. And yet, do I do that best with the stability of staying in one place, or moseying along? And yet, …. really, I don’t think I’m ready to go yet. I feel like I’ve only just started. lol Mostly, I want love, peace, harmony, happiness and laughter. Good Plan!

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