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24 hours in a day is not enough. How can I be so busy every minute of every day. I rented the movie, “Amy”, about Amy Winehouse online. The rental is 24 hours. I watched about half of it, and now my time is up. I did not get to finish it. I tried several times to get back to it, and keep getting pulled away. Did have a fun day today. Skipper and I went to a tiny Mexican restaurant for early lunch. They had only three of four booths. Very friendly. Had fun. Then we went to the Tanger? Outlet Mall in Lenwood up the street. We went into almost all of the stores. Skipper bought two colorful shirts, two colorful ties, and a new jacket. Then we swung by Popeyes and brought dinner home for Cheri. Oh, did I mention what an absolutely, amazingly beautiful day it was again today. I am loving winter in Barstow. Came home and opened up all my packages and topped it off with a luxurious spa bubble bath.

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