You are loved and needed.

This morning at 10:00am, dad, Skipper, Cheri and I had breakfast at Denny’s in Pleasanton with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Then we went clothes shopping in Pleasanton at the Dress Barn, and then over to Southland for more clothes shopping at Catherines.  I actually bought a new pair of pants in Size 16.  So happy to be wearing a size 16.  Can Not Believe It!  Love It!  Cheri and I went swimming and to the Jacuzzi.  Delicious dinner of leftovers.  Oolio oolio with added shrimp.  Garlic bread.  El Pollo Loco chicken.   Oooooooooohhhh….. also we bought Cinnabuns from the mall.  So caramelly, gooey, hot and sweet delicious.  Haven’t had one of these in more years than I can remember.  Tonight we tried so hard to get all of my hypnosis mp3’s downloaded onto Cheri’s ipod – wouldn’t load.  Onto dad’s Eclipse MP3 player…. wouldn’t charge.  From the SDcard to their laptop….  came out in foreign code.  FINALLY we got the SDcard to load onto Cheri’s Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  Whew!

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